Things to Do When Looking for a Home to Buy

Woodstock, New York isn’t just the place where a giant rock festival happened a few decades ago. It’s also a beautiful area, with a combination of housing types and land sizes. This makes it a popular destination for those who want to enjoy a more laid-back and natural lifestyle.

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Many people have this in mind when they look for real estate for sale Woodstock. To ensure the best possible experience living in the area, it’s a good idea for these people to do a few things to be sure that they get the perfect home.

Stay in the Area for a While

Taking a vacation to an area doesn’t often provide enough time to really get to know what is around. When planning to move, set up lodgings for at least two or three weeks. Use the time to drive around and really get to know what’s down those streets that are passed by on shorter excursions. Check out the surrounding towns as well. Then, choose which areas or neighborhoods seem like they’d be the best to live in.

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Read the Local Papers

These papers will have stories that never make it into the larger ones. Find out about things like new stores that are set to open, local road projects, and local school board issues. These stories, and ones like them, will provide good pointers for what to expect in the area.

Check Out the Zoning Regulations

Many people assume that whatever they want to do with their homes is fine, but the zoning commission may or may not agree. Permits may be required for the construction of sheds and decks, and it’s typical for livestock – including backyard chickens – to be regulated in some way.

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It’s also common for there to be regulations concerning things like the maximum number of pets and which pet types may be kept. Anyone who wants to do more than just live in a house with a few people and a couple of dogs or cats should look at the zoning landscape to make sure their specific neighborhood has no relevant restrictions.

Finally, Look at the Available Homes

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At this stage, it’s a good idea to connect with an area real estate agent. The agent will listen to the buyer’s requirements and neighborhood preferences, and suggest homes that match. Soon, it’ll be time to take home tours and pick the perfect one.

Differences Between Types of Residential Real Estate for Sale

Buyers of real estate for sale Kingston should keep in mind that not all homes for sale are of the same general quality. Here are a few property types to pay special attention to, and what sets them apart:

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Homes in Incorporated Areas

Incorporated areas are generally towns, cities, villages, and the like. Here, property size tends to be smaller, though the houses themselves range from small to huge. Prices are often higher because these locations offer things like city water and easy access to cable TV and internet, nearby shopping, and in some places, bus service. Here, it’s important to pay attention to the condition of the house as well as the price.

Homes That are Surprisingly Cheap and in Good Condition

This is the kind of offering that makes one wonder, “what’s the catch?” Usually, the catch is a nearby neighbor. A neighbor who actually lowers the value of surrounding properties is usually a factory, busy train tracks, freeway, or other source of noise or smells. These homes are fine for people who aren’t overly bothered by such things.


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These can go for prices that seem like absolute steals, so many people will notice them in the listings. However, bringing them back up to good condition can cost the average person an extra $20,000 or more depending on how much fixing-up they actually need. Does this mean they should never be touched? No, but it does mean that they’re only good deals for people who can do the work themselves or with friends and family. That eliminates the need to pay the high labor costs of professional contractors.

Vacant Land

There is only one way to get a truly custom home, and that’s to have it built from the ground up. People who want to do this almost always need to start with vacant land. When choosing property, the first thing to do is make sure that it’s buildable. Look for “high and dry.”

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There is one way to build new without starting with a vacant plot, and that’s to buy developed land and tear down whatever’s already on it. This is useful when the goal is to put a custom house in an area that has nothing vacant left.

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These are just a few of the exceptional types of homes that can be found in the sale listings. Some of them may be perfect for a buyer’s needs, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Myths Regarding Real Estate for Sale in Kingston

residential_real_estate_kingstonThere is plenty of real estate for sale Kingston and there are many myths that are prevalent in the housing market. It is important to understand the truth and the fiction, to do the proper research and be as well informed as possible. Believing myths can damage the buying or selling of a home. It can mean houses are listed or sold at the wrong prices.

What Has Changed in Real Estate for Sale in Kingston?

Technology has revolutionized the housing industry. It has drastically changed the way that homes are bought and sold. But not everything in the industry is different. There are still some aspects which are the same as they were years ago. One of the biggest changes is that there is now a lot of information available to consumers on the Internet. This is a positive thing because it allows people to educate themselves about what may have previously been an unfamiliar field, but it is also worth noting that not all information found on the internet is factually accurate. Here are some of the common myths in real estate that buyers and sellers should be wary of.


Home Prices Should Be Set Higher Than the Expected Price

Many people think that it is a good idea to list their home for sale at a higher price than the price they actually expect to get for it. However, it transpires that this can actually result in a much lower final price. This is because shoppers and real estate agents frequently ignore houses which are priced above their agreed price range or above market value. While some sellers may think they can easily fix this issue by listing their home for sale at a higher price initially, but then if it does not work lowering the price, this can lead to further problems. Buyers can become suspicious if houses have stayed on the market for longer than a few weeks. Setting house prices deliberately too high can be a dangerous strategy.

real_estate_for_sale_kingstonIt Is Easy to Save Money by Selling a Home Oneself

It is true that there are some people who manage to sell their home successfully on their own, but these people often have the same skills a real estate agent has. These skills are marketing abilities, negotiation talents, capabilities to deal with any unforeseen issues that arise during the inspection or loan application stages and listing skills. Buyers also tend to expect a sizeable discount if a seller is not using a real estate agent. Any money saved on real estate commission may be lost by the need to lower the overall price. Selling a home without a real estate agent is a complicated and risky endeavor.

Any Money Spent On Renovations Will Be Earned Back


When it comes to fixing issues like heating, air conditioning systems or roofing, it can make a house sell faster but it is unlikely that the seller will make back the money spent on the costly renovations.

Buying Real Estate in Kingston, NY

There’s no lack of available real estate for sale Kingston, NY, but finding the right property for a particular purpose requires a lot of hard work and planning. Like any real estate hunt, the details of what a client is looking residential real estate Kingston for needs to be outlined in full. In recent years there’s been an increase in the amount of real estate for sale in Kingston, NY, and it’s attracted the attention of a lot of influential and well-off citizens of inner-city New York looking for a new place to set themselves up. Why is it, then, that Kingston is so much of an in-demand property today?

Amenities are Available for Everything

Because of the layout of the area, there are a lot of things close to the center of the town and within reach of most of the residential districts. There’s easy movement via public transport for those who don’t have personal vehicles as well as well-paved roads for those who prefer to do their own driving. Groceries, shopping, entertainment, and even food and drink are all covered in the basic amenities that Kingston offers to its residents. Libraries and schools offer education and enrichment for the younger crowd, and recreational areas give them something to do with their free time. Because of the wide-spread availability of these things, realtor Kingston Kingston has become a very attractive location for those who are looking for somewhere that’s as modern as NYC, but not nearly as crowded.

Cost of Living

New York City has always had a problem with a high cost of living, some 22% above the national average according to estimates based on census data for the area from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Kingston is about 14% lower than New York City, meaning that although the cost of living is higher than the national average, it is still below what the cost of living is in New York City. Interestingly enough, the general sales tax in real estate for sale Kingston Kingston is as much as 21% lower than the national average, meaning that things tend to be more affordable overall.

Housing and Density

Because Kingston is only now beginning to expand and grow after its dormant state, the area is not nearly as dense as more populated cities. This is a good thing for the cost of rent as well as the freedom of the residents. Less people living there means there’s more room for expansion. Since demand has only gone up recently, it may take years for the cost of rent to catch up to that demand (if it remains as sustained as it is now). Finding real estate for houses for sale Kingston sale in Kingston, NY now would allow a buyer to take advantage of the current lower sale prices before they spiral out of the buyer’s range.

Moving to Kingston

A mere two hours north of New York City, the time spent to move between Kingston and NYC is negligible in the larger scheme of things. Kingston is the kind of place where residents of the big city dream about retiring. Why bother to wait for retirement? With the affordability of real estate in the area, there’s nothing stopping buyers from taking advantage of these prices before they rise out of reach.

Real Estate: One Person’s Warning Sign is Another’s Invitation

Many people look at real estate for sale Kingston with the idea of getting a house that looks great, has no major problems, and will remain residential real estate Kingston trouble-free for years. Yet, there are others who specifically want a house that looks a bit run-down and needs work. These people intend to fix the place up and resell it. How can a person spot the type they want and avoid buying the type they don’t? Here are a few tips:

Check the Price

While a high price isn’t a foolproof indicator of high quality, a surprisingly low one almost always means that something will need to be done to make the home properly livable. Look for key phrases like “fixer-upper,” or “needs TLC.” Those who don’t want to have to fix the place up should keep looking, while those who are into repairing their own homes to save money have found a potential gold nugget.

If the price is amazingly low but there are no indications of physical problems, there are legal ones instead. The house may come only with a quit-claim deed, have back taxes that need to realtor Kingston be paid, or have other encumbrances. Many Realtors will not actively promote houses that have legal issues, but they can still appear in non-Realtor venues.

Examine the Listing Picture

A serious warning sign is a listing with only a single picture of the front of the house. Good listings show the inside, and do so in detail. If inside pics are present, be sure to look up at the ceiling for signs of leaks.
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Take the Tour

Be alert for wet smells, musty odors, and other telltale signs of water infiltration. Also, pay attention to the floor and the electrical outlets.


For the one who wants a like-new, move-in ready house, the needed strategy is simple: Avoid houses with any of the issues that have been mentioned as well as any other problems, and houses for sale Kingston happily pay the market value for a home that won’t need any work for years. The peace of mind will be well worth it.

The person who wants a deal and is prepared to do some extra work should look for a house that can be brought up to standard with just a paint job, new flooring, and new appliances. Once fixed, such a house will be a great residence for a buyer or an excellent flipper for an investor.

How to Unclutter Your Home for Selling

real estate for sale kingstonIf your realtor has urged you to unclutter your home before you add it to the listings for real estate for sale kingston, you might think there’s no way it can possibly be done. You might have years of objects accumulated in your home that you can’t bear to part with. Or, you might have so many things that you can see your way out of the mess. Either way, the un-cluttering must be done to optimize your house for selling. Here are some ideas to make the task easier.

real estate for sale kingstonEnlist a Helper
Packing up your belongings is difficult and time consuming. If the objective is to get your house in the best state for viewing as soon as possible, consider enlisting some help. There are lots of people who would be willing to come to your house for the day and help you pack in exchange for cash payment. Instead of hiring a stranger online, though, think about asking a friend’s college-aged son or daughter, or the teenage child of a neighbor.
Hold a Garage Sale
Almost everyone has something that they own that they would be willing to part with for the right price.

real estate for sale kingstonThough you probably cherish many of your possessions, are there some things you don’t need anymore? Box up the items that you want to just get rid of and hold an impromptu garage sale. Whatever you don’t sell, you can either keep or donate to a charity store.
Rent a Storage Space
Items that your realtor deems clutter, but you don’t want to get rid of, can still be boxed up. Pack up anything extra you can, including furniture, if your home has too much of it. Once you have an idea of how much space you’ll need, rent a self-storage space and store your items in it. That way, you’ll be able to keep the things you want, but they won’t take up valuable space in your home during showings.

real estate for sale kingstonGive Heirlooms a New Home
If the reason you’re adding your home to the real estate for sale in Kingston is because you are downsizing, this is a wonderful opportunity to pass on family heirlooms. Instead of packing heirlooms away, invite your loved ones over for an evening of giving. Accompany each heirloom with a handwritten note explaining why you have chosen to give that particular person that special heirloom piece. Doing this will turn a difficult task into one that brings your family closer.
Un-cluttering your home using these ideas will make the whole process easier to handle.

How to Look for a New Home

real estate for sale kingstonIf you are looking for real estate for sale Kingston, you may not know how to decide which home is the best one for you. It helps if you have a list of items that you are looking for that you keep in mind as you visit prospective homes. It can become confusing after the third or fourth home you see when you can’t remember which home had each feature that you liked. Therefore start by talking to your significant other before you go house shopping. Sit down and make a list of must-haves and would-like-to-haves. Then check off each item at homes you like. Here is a list that you can use to get started.

Items Needed in a New Home

  1. # of Bedrooms
  2. # of Bathrooms
  3. Size of Front and Back Yard
  4. Windows
  5. Size of Garage
  6. Distance to Work
  7. Major Appliances

Like to Have in a New Home

real estate for sale kingston

  1. Great School System
  2. Friendly Neighbors
  3. Kids in Homes Nearby
  4. Walk to Work
  5. 10 Minutes from Mom and Dad

real estate for sale kingstonWhatever your lists contain, you can mark off each item as you go house to house. Then when you get home and compare them, you will remember what you liked in each house. In most cases, you will not get everything you like in a home. You may have to remodel or compromise on some of your less necessary items. However, this way you won’t forget about your must-haves and select a house that doesn’t fit your needs.


Your budget can get in the way of your perfect house. Many new homeowners put off some less important needs and add them to their homes a year or two down the road. You can budget for remodeling or redecorating to create your ideal living space. Just realize before you plunk down your first payment that you will have to live without until you can budget for these projects.

real estate for sale kingston

Until that time, you can research how you want to plan your remodel and decide on decor and color choices. You can also interview contractors to get a better idea of time and cost of your imminent projects.