Real Estate: One Person’s Warning Sign is Another’s Invitation

Many people look at real estate for sale Kingston with the idea of getting a house that looks great, has no major problems, and will remain residential real estate Kingston trouble-free for years. Yet, there are others who specifically want a house that looks a bit run-down and needs work. These people intend to fix the place up and resell it. How can a person spot the type they want and avoid buying the type they don’t? Here are a few tips:

Check the Price

While a high price isn’t a foolproof indicator of high quality, a surprisingly low one almost always means that something will need to be done to make the home properly livable. Look for key phrases like “fixer-upper,” or “needs TLC.” Those who don’t want to have to fix the place up should keep looking, while those who are into repairing their own homes to save money have found a potential gold nugget.

If the price is amazingly low but there are no indications of physical problems, there are legal ones instead. The house may come only with a quit-claim deed, have back taxes that need to realtor Kingston be paid, or have other encumbrances. Many Realtors will not actively promote houses that have legal issues, but they can still appear in non-Realtor venues.

Examine the Listing Picture

A serious warning sign is a listing with only a single picture of the front of the house. Good listings show the inside, and do so in detail. If inside pics are present, be sure to look up at the ceiling for signs of leaks.
real estate for sale Kingston

Take the Tour

Be alert for wet smells, musty odors, and other telltale signs of water infiltration. Also, pay attention to the floor and the electrical outlets.


For the one who wants a like-new, move-in ready house, the needed strategy is simple: Avoid houses with any of the issues that have been mentioned as well as any other problems, and houses for sale Kingston happily pay the market value for a home that won’t need any work for years. The peace of mind will be well worth it.

The person who wants a deal and is prepared to do some extra work should look for a house that can be brought up to standard with just a paint job, new flooring, and new appliances. Once fixed, such a house will be a great residence for a buyer or an excellent flipper for an investor.

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